Why Im Running

Defend Alberta’s Natural Resources

Like so many Canadians from across this country, I moved to Alberta for the opportunity at a better life and a brighter future. Alberta’s oil and gas industry is why I made the migration from Ontario, it  was a chance to make a life for myself and my future family. I have worked many years on the completions side of the industry as a wireliner. I’ve participated in the extraction of Alberta’s most valuable natural resource. I’ve worked off of drilling rigs, service rigs as well as perforating operations in fracking preparation. I have personally benefited from this industry but I, like thousands of Albertans, have suffered from the slowdown in work, investment and limited growth in the industry since the downturn that started in 2015. Governments from all ideological perspectives and from all levels of government have done a poor job at promoting our oil and gas sector on the international stage. The inability (or unwillingness) by our current provincial NDP government and federal Liberal party to complete or approve any major infrastructure projects has led to a constitutional crisis in Canada.

As much as people like to talk about economic diversification in Alberta, from new green energy to alternative means of generating wealth, the fact still remains that oil and gas is the main driver in our economy and it will remain so for many years to come. We need strong advocates in government who have firsthand experience in the oil and gas industry to ensure that the interests of the industry and the thousands of Albertans who rely on it are heard and heeded.

If elected as the UCP candidate in Edmonton-West Henday, as your MLA I will make it my daily mission to fight for and defend Alberta’s industry at home and abroad.


Parents first in education and the right to choose that education

I fundamentally believe that the role of the parent as the primary educator and primary caregiver should be given special recognition in Alberta. I will advocate for the implementation of strategies and programs to support families in need, including but not limited to: income splitting, protections for parental decision making, cultural acknowledgment, and support programs.

We must insure that parents are raising their children in Alberta and not the government.


Defend Small business and the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta

For me, Alberta has always been the kind of place that if you work hard and play by the rules good things can happen. Entrepreneurs and the businesses they create typify the Alberta spirit and make up the backbone of our economy. Since 2015, Alberta businesses have seen a consistent disconnect from all levels of government. First the implementation of the carbon tax, the single largest tax increase in Alberta history. Add to it a forced minimum wage increase and additional government regulations and red tape, which has unfortunately lead to a reduction in productivity and competitiveness for Alberta business. We must remove the carbon tax and bring back the Alberta Advantage.